History Of Melbourne International Airport

We have decided to tell the History of Melbourne Airport.It is estimated that every year over 32 million travelers walk through the corridors of Melbourne International Airport, with an expected 60 million by 2030. Those travelers are so focused on reaching their final destination that they don’t realize they are walking through a building rich in history. Before it was an International Airport it was the lasrge grass land.In 1959 Government purchased the area with the hopes of turning it into the Airport.The project of the Airport was announced in the same year 1959 and The Airport was built in July 1970.

Melbourne Airport was built to replace the neighbouring Essendon Airport, which was currently operated in the city’s northerly suburb of Strathmore.Melbourne Airport wasn’t always known as Melbourne International Airport. It used to be called Tullamarine Airport. In fact, some of the people still call it Tulla in honour of its original name.Melbourne Airport was built to satisfy the need for bigger runways capable of accommodating the large Boeing 747 aircraft and planes of similar proportions.

The airport is 23 km (14 minutes) from the city mid point. The airport has its own postcode Melbourne Airport, Victoria (postcode 3045). This is connected to the suburb of Tullamarine.

The Melbourne–Sydney air route is the third most traveled passenger air route in the world.There is no rail link from the airport to the city midpoint, a regular coach service provides public transport to and from the city.

History of Melbourne International Airport

Melbourne Airport Helps for More International Flights

Till 1970 Essendon Airport was the only international airport for the region.unfortunately Essendon Airport had numerous limitation that place confinement on the amount of international flights.But these confinement theatrically impacted the region economy by preventing tourists from coming to the area.

To attract the international tourists.Melbourne Airport was built to help make the area a major international destination for travelers.The Airport was built to arrangement of more flights which take more people to the area on a daily basis.

Melbourne Airport Awards

In 2003, Melbourne received the International Air Transport Association Eagle Award for service and two National Tourism Awards for tourism services. The airport consists four terminals: one international terminal, two domestic terminals and one budget domestic terminal. Most recently Melbourne Airport was awarded by Skytrax for having the best Airport hotel in the Australia/Pacific in the World Airport Awards. Melbourne Airport was also ranked the 43rd best airport for 2012. Melbourne reached 30 million passengers for the first time in the 12 months ending July 2013. This increased to 33.1 million passengers per year by July 2015.

Melbourne Airport Proceed To Extend

The aviation industry is changing day by day.The Airport is committed to always staying up to date.Recently in 2011,a new project was announced.The expansion project helped airport to be improved more.It created bigger Runways to provide the large airbus jets and offers multiple terminals to help increase incoming and outgoing flights.

History of Melbourne Taxi Airport Service